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Congressman Chet Edwards Addresses Mayors in Waco

By Rich Anderson
October 7, 2002

Representative Chet Edwards (TX) offered comments to participants in the Urban Water Council's Southwest Regional Watershed meeting on September 7. Edwards talked about water issues, stating that he is knowledgeable about the shifting population dynamics in his District and in the state, and that this and other factors have caused concern over present and future water supplies needed to sustain the population and economy.

He told a story about an artist that purchased property in a rural area of Texas where he intended to ply his craft. When the man was asked where he would get his daily water he replied that he would turn on the tap. There were, however, no wells, rivers or lakes available to provide the water. Yet this man purchased property assuming that the water would just naturally be available.

Representative Edwards commented on the urgency of watershed and water supply planning and provision of future water resources. He encouraged the Mayors attending the meeting to come to Washington, DC early next year and talk to him and his Congressional colleagues about the water resource issues that are facing the nation's cities.