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Annual Conference "Family Day" to Showcase Dearborn Henry Ford Museum
Sunday Event Includes Historic Homes at One of U.S. Largest Historical Complexes

June 11, 2001

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village celebrates the spirit of innovation and resourcefulness in America. With holdings of more than one million objects and 26 million documents, prints and photographs, it is the largest indoor/outdoor historical complex in the country. Additionally, the institution also features the ultimate film experience with an IMAX Theatre.

To visitors, Henry Ford Museum reveals America's resourcefulness. Henry Ford's eclectic collection of automobiles, home appliances, factory machinery, glassware, pewter and dishes displayed throughout museum exhibits show how these objects all have something in common—a story of innovation.

Greenfield Village encompasses 90 acres and is a collection of buildings and experiences that tell the stories of famous and not so famous Americans. Henry Ford put it best when he said, "This is the only reason Greenfield Village exists—to give us a sense of unity without people through the generations, and to convey the inspiration of American genius to our youth. As a nation we have not depended so much on rate or occasional genius as on the general resourcefulness of our people. That is our true genius, and I am hoping that Greenfield Village will serve that."