City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Mayor Susan D. Menard

Population: 41,817
Service Area Population: 55,000

City Contact:
Michael Annarumo, Director of Administration/Public Works
169 Main Street
City Hall
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895


The City of Woonsocket entered into a Partnership agreement with USFilter on July 1, 1999 for a 20-year period. U.S. Filter will operate and maintain the 16-mgd regional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), servicing the cities Woonsocket, Bellingham, Blackstone and North Smithfield. Actual throughput at this time is roughly 10-mgd. Woonsocket retains ownership of the WWTP. USFilter will also be responsible for operating and maintaining the pump stations.

ESTIMATED/ACTUAL COST SAVINGS— Capital Upgrades, Consumer Rates, and Fees

In addition to guaranteeing service for the Partnership period, USFilter has agreed to make capital upgrades to the plant worth approximately $20 million. The major capital upgrade involves the addition of advanced treatment technology to meet stringent effluent limitations.

The Partnership arrangement sets out a time-based plan for consumer rate stabilization, with a lifetime cost savings equivalent to $800,000 per year. No rate increases will occur in 1999. Consumer rates are scheduled to increase by 9 percent for each of the three years 2000, 2001 and 2002. Rates are stabilized in years 2003 to 2019.

USFilter will pay a capital reimbursement fee of $2.1 million to the user communities, with Woonsocket receiving $1.5 million out of the $2.1 million. Woonsocket will also receive a host city fee of $1.5 million. USFilter also agreed to pay a reimbursement fee for related consulting services of $300,000 to Woonsocket.


The regional wastewater treatment plant and system employed 24 workers prior to the Partnership. All employees were offered jobs at equal to or better salary and benefits. The employees are represented by AFSCME.

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