Town of Farmville, North Carolina

Mayor Robert "Bobby" Evans

Population: 31,450
Service Area Population: 31,450

City Contact:
Richard Hicks
Town of Farmville
P.O. Box 86
Farmville, North Carolina 27828-0086


The Town of Farmville entered into a 4-year extension onto their initial 4-year Partnership with Hydro Management Services (HMS—a division of US Water) to operate the Town's 3.5-mgd wastewater treatment plant and activated biosolids processing system, as well as manage the system's electrical load equalization. The Partnership agreement became effective in May 1994, for a period of 4 years. The annual contract is valued at roughly $440,000. The Town of Farmville retained responsibility for customer service, including metering, billing, and collections.

HMS is responsible for restructuring the Town's Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP). The Town sought a Partnership approach after having been issued a Schedule of Compliance from the North Carolina Division of Environment and Natural Resources. Farmville was found by the Division to be in noncompliance for the Industrial Pretreatment Program, biosolids handling and total phosphorus effluent limitations. The IPP was restructured, and several industrial user permits were modified to obtain compliance and protect the wastewater treatment plant from off-spec influent.

ESTIMATED/ACTUAL COST SAVINGS — Capital Upgrades, Consumer Rates, and Fees

No capital improvements are called for in this Partnership arrangement. Hydro Management Services saved the Town between $400,000 to $600,000 by introducing biological nutrient removal via operational changes as opposed to new, expensive technology. These modifications satisfied compliance achievement for both phosphorus and nitrogen limits, and achieved a 19 percent reduction in overall electrical costs. The modifications also allowed for discontinued use of alum and its associated product and handling costs. No concession fees were included in the Partnership arrangement. The Town of Farmville retained the rate setting responsibility.


HMS employs all of the workers at the plant and gives them equal or better benefit packages compared to before the effective date of the Partnership arrangement.

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