City of Easton, Pennsylvania

Mayor Thomas Goldsmith

Population: 80,000
Service Area Population: 80,000

City Contact:

Kristie Miers
Director of Public Services
One South Third Street
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042


The City of Easton entered into a 10-year Partnership agreement with US Water in May of 1994. US Water has full operational and management responsibilities for the 12-mgd water treatment plant, the associated reservoir, four booster stations, and 80 miles of distribution pipes. US Water also will operate the 10-mgd wastewater treatment plant, seven pump stations, and 85 miles of collection pipes. The State issued the City a consent order stemming from system permit violations. US Water eliminated the non-compliance problems within three months of taking over operations, and with no outlay of capital.

ESTIMATED/ACTUAL COST SAVINGS — Capital Upgrades, Consumer Rates, and Fees

US Water has taken a lead role in the City's capital improvement plan at the wastewater treatment facility and for the potable water reservoir covers. A series of operational changes under the Partnership agreement has led to annual cost savings of $660,000.


Fifteen employees work at the wastewater plant and fourteen work at the water plant. They are employed by the City of Easton and managed by US Water. A management program was created allowing employees to maintain all City-provided benefits. The unionized employees are represented by AFSCME.

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