Borough of Chester, New Jersey

Mayor Hugh Newman

Population: 1,400
Service Area Population: 400 connections

City Contact:
Jim Doherty
300 Main St.
Chester, NJ 07930


The Borough of Chester entered into a 20-year Partnership agreement with Earth Tech, Inc. in January 1998 to operate and maintain their 75,000-gpd secondary treatment wastewater plant. Earth Tech has also built a pumping station and an 8,000-foot sewer main extension, which added 40 customers. The value of the overall agreement is estimated to be $3.8 million over the 20 years. Earth Tech is responsible for the entire wastewater system and its efficiency improvements. The Borough remains responsible for capital improvements and customer service for the 6-year-old facility.

ESTIMATED/ACTUAL COST SAVINGS— Capital Upgrades, Consumer Rates, and Fees

The Borough of Chester is saving $1.9 million as a result of their partnership with Earth Tech, Inc. Rate setting will remain the Borough's responsibility. An estimate of the construction cost for the wastewater facility was $5.7 million over the 20 years. No concession fee was involved because the Partnership only included maintenance and operation, not a lease. Earth Tech reimbursed $75,000 to the Borough for legal, engineering, and planning costs associated with the request for proposal process.


Earth Tech hired three new full-time employees to staff the plant. They chose not to be represented by a union.

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