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WHEREAS, Public Housing Authorities are an instrumental part of revitalizing and empowering our communities; and

WHEREAS, the nation's public housing authorities are struggling to provide services to those in dire need of public housing because of a lack of federal funding; and

WHEREAS, locally based housing assistance helps stabilize low income households and reduces relevant costs to state and local government for services to low income families, children and seniors; and

WHEREAS, the public housing program provides homes for 1.1 million low-income families, over half of whom are elderly or disabled; and

WHEREAS, public housing is a national asset worth over $100 billion; and

WHEREAS, the Public Housing Operating Fund supports the operation of public housing including maintenance, security, and social services for residents; and

WHEREAS, since 2003, public housing residents have been feeling the effects of $1.16 billion in cuts to funding for the Public Housing Operating Fund; and

WHEREAS, the Public Housing Capital Fund supports the capital needs of public housing; and

WHEREAS, there is an estimated backlog of capital improvements needs for public housing estimated between $18 and 20 billion; and

WHEREAS, funding allocated by Congress for the Capital Fund has decreased 24% since 2001 despite the burgeoning backlog of capital needs; and

WHEREAS, on December 28, 2006, HUD notified housing authorities that the operating fund would be funded at 76% of the need to run safe, decent housing for calendar year 2007. This funding amounts to a $1.0 billion shortfall; and

WHEREAS, HUD is attempting to implement a new and inflexible Public Housing Operating Fund Rule that will require housing authorities to spend significantly more to operate than under the existing system; and

WHEREAS, Public Housing Authorities have had to respond to these cuts with the elimination services and staff; for example, the City of Philadelphia has had to reduce its PHA staff by over 300 and the City of Trenton by about 50%.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the United States Conference of Mayors calls upon Congress to fully fund the Public Housing Operating Fund at $5 billion for fiscal year 2008; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the United States Conference of Mayors supports the full funding of Public Housing Capital Fund at $3.5 billion for the 2008 fiscal year; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the United States Conference of Mayors supports a delay in the implementation of the Public Housing Operating Fund Rule until the new rule can be tested and proven to be effective.

2007 The U.S. Conference of Mayors
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