WHEREAS, the Commission for Africa released its report in London in March 2005, entitled “Action for a Strong and Prosperous Africa;” and

WHEREAS, the report calls for debt relief for Africa’s poorest countries, a $25 billion a year increase in U.S. aid to Africa by 2010, and a further increase of $25 billion a year by 2015 to address African poverty and stagnation, which would be shouldered by several nations as donors and supported by G8 and European Union nations as well as the United States; and

WHEREAS, proposals in the report include:

  • Governance: African states are called upon to improve their governance, accountability, and transparency and on rich countries to help by investing in Africa’s capacity building;
  • Peace and security: The report calls for better use of aid to help build the capacity of African states to prevent and manage conflict and calls for better control of the international trade in small arms;
  • More and fairer trade: The report calls on African countries to make internal changes to improve the continent’s capacity for trade, including tackling corruption, cutting red tape, and improving regional economic integration. It calls upon rich countries to dismantle the barriers they have erected against African goods, particularly in agriculture;
  • Investing in people: The report recommends that half of the extra $25 billion a year be spent on health, education, and HIV and AIDS, and half on infrastructure and development; and

    WHEREAS, Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, addressed the June 2005 Annual Meeting of the Conference of Mayors in order to explain the report and urge action on its recommendations,

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The U.S. Conference of Mayors supports the goal of the Commission report of increasing assistance to African nations and of stirring world leaders into action to achieve measurable and practical progress and calls upon the Administration and Congress to give careful consideration to the recommendations of the Commission report and seek to increase assistance to Africa, and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the appropriate representatives of the G8 and European Union representatives to inform them of the Conference of Mayors’ support for the Commission for Africa report.

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