2004 Adopted Resolutions
72nd Annual Meeting

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WHEREAS, the closure of military bases has caused severe economic impacts to communities across the country; and

WHEREAS, communities facing base closures have been assured by the federal government that resources for remediation would be made available so that economic revitalization can be achieved; and

WHEREAS, economic revitalization through reuse cannot successfully occur until the responsible services of the Department of Defense commit adequate resources to remediate, on an expeditious basis, the environmental contamination at these properties to levels consistent with their future reuse; and

WHEREAS, the federal commitment to fund the environmental remediation of closed bases has been chronically inadequate with the result that these critically needed properties remain an environmental blight on the surrounding communities,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the United States Conference of Mayors urges Congress and the Administration to adequately fund the environmental remediation of closed military bases in a manner that fosters their prompt conversion to productive civilian reuse.