2004 Adopted Resolutions
72nd Annual Meeting

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     WHEREAS, after the events of September 11, the federal government assumed responsibility for all aspects of security at our nation’s airports by establishing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in an effort to return travelers to a safe, efficient air transportation system; and

     WHEREAS, TSA established a letter of intent “LOI” program to reimburse airports for the cost of installing sophisticated Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) to more efficiently screen checked baggage; and

     WHEREAS, Congress directed TSA through the FAA Reauthorization bill, “Vision 100" to fund 90% of the EDS installation cost for large airports and 95% of the cost for small to medium sized airports; and

     WHEREAS, TSA has disclosed that it will be unable to fully reimburse airports at the level set forth by Congress and furthermore the agency will be unable to commit to any more LOIs beyond the eight they have until after 2005 due to funding restraints; and

     WHEREAS, airport EDS projects will be delayed as a result of lack of funding,

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The United States Conference of Mayors calls on Congress and the Bush Administration to appropriate adequate federal funding for LOIs to allow airports to meet the security needs of today’s traveling public; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Conference of Mayors calls on the Transportation Security Administration to fully fund existing LOI’s at the Congressionally mandated level of 90% for large airports and 95% for small to medium airports; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Conference of Mayors supports efforts in the United State Senate to increase funding for the LOI program by $150 million a year.