2004 Adopted Resolutions
72nd Annual Meeting

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     WHEREAS, the Hope VI Program was established as a National Action Program to eradicate severely distressed public housing; and

     WHEREAS, hundreds of millions of dollars have been appropriated to the Hope VI Program to assist local public housing authorities in the elimination of substandard residential housing and living conditions; and

     WHEREAS, the Hope VI Program has been an important catalyst for transforming distressed and disinvested neighborhoods into viable mixed income residential communities; and

     WHEREAS, prior investments in the Hope VI Program has been successful in creating mixed income and diversified affordable housing opportunities for citizens; and

     WHEREAS, the Hope VI Program has attracted a wide range of private investment resources to reinforce public housing resources to fund the cost of public housing assisted units; and

     WHEREAS, there is need to modify the Hope VI Program and release some of the regulatory burdens placed on public housing assisted units in mixed-income communities to assist in leveraging private investments that is key to the success of the Hope VI Program and its neighborhood revitalization objectives.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the US Congress should sustain and increase funding appropriations for the Hope VI Program and modify the program to authorize a mixed income, mixed financed community development program that is based on realistic and reasonable market assumptions.  This modified program approach will enhance the HOPE VI program and provide increased access for low and moderate income citizens to obtain affordable housing, maximize private investment and ease the federal burden for implementing the program.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that HUD and Hope VI policy allow housing near places of employment including some industrial zoning which meet smart growth goals.