2004 Adopted Resolutions
72nd Annual Meeting

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     WHEREAS, the non-profit arts industry generates over $134 billion in economic activity per year, generates over 4.8 million jobs and $34billion in federal, state, and local tax revenues per year; and

     WHEREAS, the tourism industry has generated more than 57 million jobs, $ 4trillion in expenditures, $157 billion in trade surpluses, and over $620 billion in federal, state, and local taxes over the past eight years; and

     WHEREAS, the travel and tourism industry is our nation’s third largest employer trailing only the health and business service industries; and 

     WHEREAS, Mayors and arts and business leaders from around the country have recognized the significant contribution of the culture and tourism industry and its direct links to the arts and culture as an economic catalyst; and

     WHEREAS, it is essential that our Nation create a clear and coherent federal policy for Culture and Tourism; and

     WHEREAS, many countries throughout the world have established national cabinet level positions for arts, culture, and tourism – 66% of the countries in the Western Hemisphere have a cabinet level Minister of tourism, 58% have a Minister of Culture and the Arts, and 80% of the countries in Europe have a minister of Culture; and

     WHEREAS, the future economic survival of our country and our cities rests on the ability to maximize the impact of the tourism, arts, and cultural industries; and

     WHEREAS, the United States of America must have a National Advocate charged with the task of forming the national policy for culture and tourism, and solely dedicated to the protection, development, and expansion of their industries.

     NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors urges the creation of a Cabinet level Secretary of Culture and Tourism charged with forming a national policy for tourism, arts, and culture.