2003 Adopted Resolutions
71st Annual Meeting

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WHEREAS, affordable, healthy housing is at the core of strong communities; and

WHEREAS, despite experiencing the greatest economic expansion in history, housing needs have reached an all-time high; and

WHEREAS, working men and women and families in our cities are having a difficult time finding affordable housing and 7.2 million of the lowest income working families pay more than half of their income for housing; and

WHEREAS, since 1976, new federal spending on housing has decreased substantially; and

WHEREAS, housing represents 20 percent of our national economy, is an economic stimulus and creates jobs; and

WHEREAS, affordable housing must be a national priority; and

WHEREAS, nearly 200 housing trust funds have been created nationally, which serve as models for what can and should be done at the national level; and

WHEREAS, a national housing trust fund should be established to construct, rehabilitate and preserve housing; and

WHEREAS, legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives (HR 1102) to create a national housing trust fund; and

WHEREAS, local governments have played a significant role in the development of affordable housing and that role is recognized and supported by the proposed national housing trust fund,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the U.S. Conference of Mayors strongly supports the creation of a national housing trust fund and urges the passage of the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act (HR 1102).