2003 Adopted Resolutions
71st Annual Meeting

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WHEREAS, the Preserve America program will provide an opportunity for federal and local governments and organizations to form a partnership to increase the knowledge of our Nation's past; and

WHEREAS, provoking public interest and stimulating public education on protecting our natural heritage, both cultural and natural resources, will produce a variety of benefits including job creation, increasing community pride, and increasing tourism; and

WHEREAS, improving the management of historic properties will support the economic conditions and well being of local communities; and

WHEREAS, these projects, which promote American history and heritage, will promote new jobs and increase private sector funding in local communities, and

WHEREAS, a Preserve America Community designation will be given to those communities who show a long-term commitment to preserving our nations heritage and encourage increased awareness of those resources; and

WHEREAS, those individuals, governmental entities, and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to the protection of America's history and resources through exemplary accomplishments in sustainable use and preservation of cultural and natural assets may be recognized by the Preserve America Presidential Award,

NOW, THEREFORE, IT BE RESOLVED Preserve America is an opportunity for local governments to join with the federal government in protecting our nation's historic areas and sites of cultural significance. The United States Conference of Mayors affirms its support for the Preserve America program in order to protect our Nations history for future generations.