June 22-26, 2001



WHEREAS, a 2001 national public opinion survey of 1,008 Americans commissioned by Americans for the Arts reveals that the majority of American adults believe that an arts education is very important to the development of today's children; and

WHEREAS, 91 percent of American adults agree that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for our children; and

WHEREAS, 95 percent of American adults agree that the arts teach intangibles like creativity, self-expression, and individualism - important tools in preparing children for the future; and

WHEREAS, 96 percent of American adults agree that the arts belong to everyone, not just the fortunate or privileged; and

WHEREAS, parents agree that schools are responsible for ensuring that children learn about and experience a variety of art forms. Indeed, 89% believe that arts education is important enough that schools should find the money to ensure inclusion in the curriculum; and

WHEREAS, 76 percent of American adults agree that arts education is important enough to get personally involved in arts education in schools, however, two-thirds of respondents don't know how to get involved with arts education; and

WHEREAS, when asked their reasons for not taking more action in regard to arts and education, 71 percent of parents agreed there are other people and organizations in the community who are better suited to take action; and

WHEREAS, Americans for the Arts, in partnership with the Advertising Council, is launching a national public awareness campaign in the fall of 2001 designed to specifically motivate parents across the United States to take action on behalf of their children's arts education; and,

WHEREAS, the goal of the multi-media campaign is to increase the public's awareness and action that participation in the arts is essential to the development of every child, and to spur the integration of the arts more completely in homes, schools and communities,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the United States Conference of Mayors' endorses this national campaign and urges may ors to work with their local arts councils to actively participate in the campaign at the local level, and also to motivate parents and other citizens to take action on children's behalf to ensure the return of a comprehensive arts education in all of our nation's public schools.

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