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Funding and Deadlines

- 6/1: Key Program Summaries

- 7/9: Green Jobs Grants

- 5/15: $1.5 Billion in ARRA Transportation Discretionary Grants Available | Notice

- 5/7: DOT Announces $742.5 Million in Federal Recovery Act Funds to Pay for Transit Projects

- 4/29: Broadband Stimulus - Where We Stand Today

- 4/10: USCM Files ARRA Broadband Comments

- 4/1: Energy Block Grant Webcast with DOE

 - 3/31: EECBG City Formula Recipients

- 3/26: EECBG program information including city funding allocations

- 3/26: Statement from USCM President Miami Mayor Diaz on Announcement of $2.8 Billion in Energy Efficiency Grants

- 3/26: EPA Offers Resources to Assist State and Locals with ARRA Clean Energy Funding

- 3/20: President Obama Releases Memorandum on "Ensuring Responsible Spending of Recovery Act Funds"

- 3/20: Obama Remarks to State Legislatures

- 3/20: Diaz Letter to Vice President Biden

- 3/19: Biden Letter to USCM President Diaz

- 3/17: Webcast - DOJ discusses formula and competitive grants for COPS.

- 3/17: Upcoming EnergyStar Webinars

- 3/10: Department of Education ARRA Guidance and Implementation

- 3/9: Department of Justice Releases Solicitation for Byrne JAG Grants

- 3/5: Federal Transit Administration State-by-State Funding Program Table

- 3/5: National Endowment for the Arts Releases ARRA Grant Guidelines

- 3/5: FHWA Suballocated ARRA Highway Funds to Metro Areas (Table 3, Bottom of Page)

- 3/4: $2 Billion in Byrne JAG Law Enforcement Grants Announced

- 3/3: $27 Billion Released for Roads and Bridges

- 2/27: Q&A on CDBG Funding under ARRA

- 2/25: HUD Allocations of ARRA Funds totaling $10.1 billion Now Available

- 2/25: Allocation, Use Eligibility of FTA ARRA Funds

- 2/24: ARRA Highway Funding USDOT FHWA Questions & Answers

- 2/23: USCM Report on Implementation #1

- 2/23: Implementation Guidance from the White House Office of Management and Budget

- 2/23: ARRA Timeline (from

- 2/16: Key Tax Provisions in the American Recovery Conference Agreement: Report 2

- 2/13: State-by-State Breakdown of ARRA Dollars

- 2/13: Breakdown of Individual Programs in ARRA

- 2/13: Major Victories for City Priorities in American Recovery Conference Agreement: Report 1

News from Cities and Best Practices

- 4/6: San Francisco Launches ARRA Site

- 3/23: Mayor Daley Identifies $1 Billion in Projects Likely to Be Funded by ARRA, Will Create or Retain Nearly 16,000 Jobs

- 3/16: Diaz Praises Obama for Coming to aid Small Business

- 3/12: Boston Globe: Boston Investing $33 million of Stimlus Funds into Housing

- 3/6: Biden Meets with Miami Cops | USCM Press Release

 - 3/6: Washington Post: City on The Edge - The Economy Has Put Columbus, Ohio, in A Tight Spot. Stimulus Funds Have Created Some Wiggle Room, But for How Long?

- 2/24: Reaction by The U.S. Conference of Mayors Executive Director Tom Cochran on Governors’ Rejection of Economic Recovery Funds. U.S. Mayors Send Letter to President Obama
Press Statement: English | Letter: English

- 2/19: U.S. Mayors to Meet With President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday, February 20, 2009
Press Advisory: EnglishSpanish

- 2/13: U.S. Mayors Commend Final Economic Recovery Bill
Press Statement: EnglishSpanish

- 2/3: U.S. Mayors to Meet at White House With Senior Advisors on Economic Recovery Plan Press Advisory: English

- 1/29: Mayors Commend House Passage of Economic Recovery Plan, Urge Quick Action in the Senate
Press Statement: EnglishSpanish

Obstacles for Cities

- 3/5: CNN - "First stimulus project-waste?"

 - 3/5: SF Bay Area Toll Authority To Buy CA Bonds Ensuing Local Transportation Projects are Uninterrupted

- 3/5: Texas DOT Building "Roads to Nowhere"

- 2/26: Letter from USCM to Governor Jindal, RE: His Remarks on Arts funding in ARRA

- 2/25: Mayor Nickels Remarks on Washington State DOT Failure to Invest in Seattle

- 2/24: Letter to President Obama, RE: Governors' Rejection of ARRA Funds

- 2/16: Letter from Sen. Begich (AK) to Sec. LaHood on Remarks on Local Transportation Funding

- 2/11: Mayors Challenge DOT Secretary LaHood on Favoring States