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Syringe Access Corner

This page highlights an emerging public health and policy issue-increasing access to sterile syringes as a public health measure to reduce the transmission of HIV and other blood-borne diseases among injection drug users. Current strategies for increasing access to syringes include: needle exchange programs, removal of legal barriers to the sale and possession of syringes, and physician prescription of syringes. These strategies should be part of a comprehensive approach to preventing blood-borne infections among IDUs that includes primary drug prevention, substance abuse treatment and other key strategies.

Support for Increasing Syringe Access

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Important Links

    A Comprehensive Approach: Preventing Blood-borne Infections Among Injection Drug Users

    Technical assistance documents that describe complementary strategies for addressing blood-borne infections among injection drug users (IDUs). Includes helpful fact sheets that highlight various aspects of expanding syringe access for IDUs.

    Deregulation of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes as a Public Health Measure: A Report on Emerging Policy and Law in the United States, American Bar Association, AIDS Coordinating Committee, 2001

    Provides an overview of current efforts to remove legal barriers to syringe access at the state level.

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