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The United States Conference of Mayors and Business Leaders: A New Political Force

USCM Platinum Partner Walmart US CEO Bill Simon
USCM Platinum Partner Walmart US CEO Bill Simon
Corporate America — the business community in our cities — and The United States Conference of Mayors — our chief elected city officials — have stood together on many issues throughout the history of this organization. Through the creation of The Mayors Business Council, we have transformed our organization to bring corporate America even closer to the Mayors of our nation.

With the release of the landmark report, U.S. Metro Economies: The Engines of America’s Growth, America’s cities have demonstrated their value to our nation’s current and future economic prosperity and established that, if U.S. metro areas ranked economically with nations, 42 of the world’s top economies would be U.S. Metro areas. By establishing metro areas as the economic engines that drive our national and state economies, city and county leaders are taking their rightful role as national and international leaders.

Today, Mayors are leaders who see themselves as — and indeed are — the CEO’s of government whose job it is to run their cities like a successful business with innovative and cost-cutting measures along with wise investments.

The turnaround of many cities is due, in large measure, to the bonding that has taken place between our Mayors and their local business partners, as well as national and international partners, to make cities more livable and economically sound.

The United States Conference of Mayors is spreading the message across this nation that we want a strong and engaged business community inside our organization sharing and working on visions of success to make cities — and ultimately our nation — economically stronger. We must have cities and businesses — Mayors and CEO’s — working together for the long-term prosperity of America.

We thank the corporate members who have chosen to be active with us on the many successful joint ventures we share now and look forward to exciting future endeavors.

We invite other corporations to become members of The Mayors Business Council. We will be vigorous in urging members of the Business Council to take an active part in this important initiative, and will provide numerous opportunities for involvement.

Today the metropolitan regions — led by our urban and suburban Mayors — are the economic engines that drive this great nation and that have produced this period of incredible economic growth.

We pledge our best effort to strengthen, even more, those city — business partnerships that work each day to make our cities and nation economically strong for the benefit of all.

Tom Cochran
CEO and Executive Director
The United States Conference of Mayors

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