Mayors Business Council

The Mayors Business Council: A Business Opportunity

The Mayors Business Council is an integral part of the structure and activities of The United States Conference of Mayors. The Business Council meets and works directly with the elected leadership of the Conference of Mayors.

Members of The Mayors Business Council are invited to participate in the Winter and Annual Meetings, the two most prominent events of The U.S. Conference of Mayors where, each year, priorities are set and policy decisions are made. The Winter Meeting is always held in Washington, D.C. each January. The Annual Meeting is held in June of each year in a different city of the United States. Hundreds of Mayors attend both meetings - meetings that have the participation of the President of the United States, White House and Cabinet officials, Congressional leaders, and national and international business and civic leaders.

Business Council members have the following opportunities for participation with The U.S. Conference of Mayors:

Winter and Annual Meetings

Business Council members will have the exclusive opportunity to attend the Winter and Annual Meetings in our arena setting, will receive two complimentary registrations for each meeting, and may also be invited to participate in other meetings throughout the year. The complimentary registrations are non-transferrable. Meeting registrations are limited to Business Council membersí staff.

The Mayors Business Council Special Sessions

Business Council members are invited to participate in special sessions with Conference leadership at both the Winter and Annual Meetings.

Best Practices Center

Successful public/private partnerships will be featured through our Best Practices Center which will highlight the ideas and innovations of cities throughout the nation.

Policy Briefings

Periodic policy briefings for Business Council members will be conducted by the Conference of Mayors CEO/Executive Director and senior staff.

Invitation to Present Views

Business Council members may be invited to present their views through a dialogue with Mayors at various forums as appropriate.

Best Practice Report

Business Council members will be invited to submit a best practice to be included in the official USCM Business Council Best Practice Report.

Exhibit Space Opportunities

Business Council members are given an opportunity to contract for the limited exhibit space provided at the Winter and Annual Meetings.

U.S. Mayor Newspaper

Business Council members will receive a complimentary subscription and a discounted rate for advertorials, and may be invited to prepare guest columns or stories on priority issues. Business Council members are also profiled in the U.S. Mayor newspaper.

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