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Smart Cities Council

Smart Cities are our best hope for a sustainable future. The Smart Cities Council works collaboratively with city leaders to accelerate the adoption of smart technologies to make cities more livable, workable and sustainable.

We provide cities with the vendor-neutral resources they need to take action, including guidebooks, coaching, workshops and best practices. These tools help cities meet the challenges of growing congestion, aging infrastructure and shrinking budgets.

The Council’s membership is comprised of top global technology/innovation companies and independent advisors including over 100 leading universities, national laboratories, standards bodies, climate advocacy groups and development banks.

Areas of special interest and/or expertise: Resource informatics – collection, curation and distribution of knowledge about managing resources in the urban ecosystem. Expertise includes editorial content, workshops, events and mentoring sessions with cities, all with the goal to educate and accelerate the path to livable, workable, sustainable communities. Topical guides: Smart cities readiness, financing, open data, etc.

Special Interests:
City Livability, Community Development, Economic Development, Energy, Environment, Infrastructure, Public Works, Traffic Management, Transportation, Utilities Issues, Waste Disposal, Waste Water Treatment

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