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Safeguard Properties

Safeguard Properties is the largest mortgage field services company in the U.S. Founded in 1990, the company provides inspection, property preservation and maintenance services on defaulted and foreclosed properties in all 50 states.

On a monthly basis, Safeguard provides, on average:
- 800,000 property inspections
- 50,000 property preservation orders
- 8,000 insurance loss and hazard claims filings
- 50,000 grass cuts (in season)
- Maintenance on more than 90,000 REO properties

As a result of this extensive field experience, Safeguard’s Founder and Chairman Robert Klein has become an industry leader in sharing best practices and engaging in outreach efforts with municipalities and government and financing agencies to improve field service standards and prevent vacant and abandoned properties from contributing to urban blight.

Among those efforts:
- Outreach to cities enacting and revising vacant property ordinances to address common interests and enact effective legislation to preserve and maintain vacant and abandoned properties.
- Outreach to code enforcement officials across the country, offering Safeguard’s services to help them identify the right party to serve notice when vacant properties incur code violations.
- Outreach in disaster areas, initiating industry calls with city officials, loan servicers, investors and others to provide guidance and share best practices to address common issues to prevent foreclosures and protect damaged properties.

Safeguard also has developed specialized subject matter expertise regarding rules and regulations. The company has worked proactively with HUD, VA, FNMA and other agencies over the years to make recommendations to clarify, refine and improve government guidelines that have saved time and money, and that have helped improve the industry as a whole, since HUD guidelines often become the benchmark for other investors to follow.

Special Interests:
City Livability, Community Development, Debt Management, Economic Development, Housing, Neighborhood Redevelopment, Real Estate

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