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Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Linebarger Goggan is a law firm whose practice is dedicated to helping its public sector clientele improve the bottom line through the recovery of their delinquent accounts receivable. The firm collects delinquent taxes, fees, fines, service charges, tolls and miscellaneous other types of debt.

Linebarger Goggan has successfully merged the practice of law with the business of collections and advanced technology. The cornerstone of their success is its people and the customer service they have provided to their government clients over the past 38 years. The firm tailors each and every client’s collection program to meet their specific needs, and offers a time-tested method for increasing revenue while at the same time minimizing debtor complaints.

Linebarger Goggan will collect approximately one billion dollars in delinquent receivables for over 2,300 government entities – including more than 500 cities – this year alone.


Special Interests:
Debt Collection

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