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HDR is pleased to have expanded nearly 25 years of involvement in U.S. Conference of Mayors’ initiatives by joining the Business Council and sponsoring the Mayors’ Climate Protection Council. HDR has helped thousands of communities convert their vision into reality in the form of public buildings, infrastructure and service systems.

Mayors from coast to coast know they can count on more than 8,000 HDR professionals in more than 185 offices to help them manage complex projects and make sound decisions. Cities today are facing challenges unheard of a decade ago. Stakeholders demand sustainable architectural and infrastructure solutions that address the “triple bottom line” of environmental, economic and social needs while providing a return on investment. Climate mitigation has become a local as well as a global issue. Our solutions are practical and responsive to each city’s unique circumstances and needs.

Mayors turn to HDR when they need an answer to the question, “What shade of green is the best match for my community?” The answer is not one size fits all. We not only help them get the right match, we help them prioritize, implement and secure credit for their accomplishments. Whether it’s obtaining LEED®certification for a building, bringing back streetcars, restoring wetlands as part of a roadway project or developing a public-private partnership to help defray costs, HDR is working closely with some of the nation’s most progressive mayors to improve our cities.

Expertise or Special Interests: Architectural Design, Community Development, Economic Development, Energy, Environmental Sciences, Privatization, Productivity Improvement, Real Estate, Recreation, Resource Recovery, Risk Management, Roadways and Bridges, Solid Waste Management, Toxic Waste/Hazardous Materials, Traffic Management, Transit, Urban Planning, Utilities, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water Resources Management

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