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Ever since it was founded in 1917, HDR has been helping communities become places where people want to live and thrive. In those early days, that meant providing the water works, sewage systems, streets and power plants that helped elevate cities and towns from frontier status. During the Great Depression, it meant organizing public power districts throughout the rural Midwest, bringing hope and confidence as well as the modern conveniences made possible through electricity.

Today, it means helping communities create more resilient and high-performance infrastructure to cope with the severe weather patterns created by climate change. It means helping them factor risk into project cost and schedule when developing new programs, and helping ensure the public is engaged.

It also means taking a sustainable approach to everything we do. HDR was an early proponent of the new Envision rating system created by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, which has the goal of doing for infrastructure what the LEED rating system has done for architecture. HDR had the world’s first Envision-rated project, the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery in Anchorage, Alaska, which achieved a Gold rating. It’s our job to help our clients create sustainable infrastructure and buildings, no matter which ratings system they use to achieve the desired results.

While the challenges facing our municipal clients have changed over the past hundred years, our approach to helping them rise above these challenges has not. We see the phrase “It’s never been done before” not as a deterrent, but an invitation.

Other areas of Expertise or Special Interests: Architectural Design, Community Development, Economic Development, Energy, Environmental Sciences, Privatization, Productivity Improvement, Real Estate, Recreation, Resource Recovery, Risk Management, Roadways and Bridges, Solid Waste Management, Toxic Waste/Hazardous Materials, Traffic Management, Transit, Urban Planning, Utilities, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water Resources Management

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