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Established in 1987, CGI Communications, Inc. continues to be a leader in digital marketing solutions. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, CGI employs approximately 300 full-time employees with branch offices growing across the United States. Having fully produced thousands of videos for municipalities across the country, CGI constantly evolves with changing technology to create new initiatives to promote communities and organizations.

Utilizing innovative, cost-free marketing solutions, CGI is positioned for success in our digital age. Their Community Showcase Video Program helps municipalities welcome future families and residents, promote tourism, and recruit new business through effective online video content. The videos are designed to educate, inform and promote your community, highlighting all you have to offer. With an easily viewable interface on your official municipal website, this video program will show viewers what it's like to walk your streets, live in your neighborhoods, and experience life in your community. In addition, CGI's new GoCast Video Hotline allows your citizens to record and upload community compliments and share their positive experiences while living, working and playing in your city.

Special Interest: Digital marketing tools, online video content, digital media, multimedia promotional programs

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