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Black & Veatch Corporation

As a Forbes 500 privately held company, Black & Veatch has collaboratively developed engineering solutions for nearly a century with Mayors who represent cities of all sizes. We focus on sustainable solutions that benefit the community, environment, and economy in the areas of Water, Wastewater, Energy, Environment, Management Consulting, Asset Management, Infrastructure, Planning, and Telecommunications.

Through successful and productive partnerships with Mayors and cities across the United States and around the world, we have helped numerous urban and suburban communities address challenges to modernize infrastructure, reach regulatory compliance, mitigate climate impacts and lay the groundwork for a thriving, healthy and sustainable future.

To help you manage the complex relationship between water and energy, we offer unparalleled experience as the only global engineering company that is a Top-5 leader in both energy and water. We are actively involved in virtually every emerging renewable energy technology, and we design and build energy efficiency into projects from day one.

Even in challenging economic times, Mayors can depend on Black & Veatch for realistic, workable solutions that win community support and succeed today and into the future, despite difficult-to-predict, changing conditions. With an emphasis on flexibility and foresight, we tackle every project with speed, cost-efficiency, superb communications and top performance.

Special Interests:
Energy, Environment, Financial Management, Infrastructure, Public Works, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities Issues, Waste Water Treatment

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