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Cities Asked to Join the Global Movement for Active Aging

Global Embrace 1999: The UN International Year of Older Persons

By Katie Mullin

 In recognition of the UN International Year of Older Persons, a series of walkathons will take place, beginning on October 2, 1999, which will circle the world in an effort to celebrate the process of aging. Dubbed "Global Embrace 1999", the project was conceived in order "to inspire, to inform, to promote health and to provide enjoyment and good company" among generations. By staging the walkathons at a set time in a group of cities within a specific time zone, "Global Embrace 1999" aims to link local projects to a global community of similar concerns and people from all over the world. Cities are asked to use this opportunity to connect to the global community by planning their own walkathon and emphasizing the cultural perspectives, community interests, and pertinent issues that affect residents.

Through the involvement of community based organizations, businesses, and the media, "Global Embrace 1999" can serve to highlight the strengths of a particular city, in addition to the contributions older persons are making in the world today. With life expectancy rates on the rise around the globe, it is important to recognize the situation of older persons so as to promote healthy living and relationships. By participating in "Global Embrace 1999", cities can take an active role in making sure that older persons are not marginalized, in the hope of building a society that is suitable for all ages. For more information on the Global Embrace program, please contact Barbara Peters at 212-481-5142 or send written inquiries to:

U.S. Committee/U.N. International Year of Older Persons
c/o Brookdale Center on Aging
425 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010

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