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Some Testimonials from American Management Services Small Business Clients
March 6, 2000

Harris Supply Company (HSC): $10 Million/48 Employees

“Through the course of a 7+ month engagement American Management has identified over $1,700,000 in operational savings for HSC. At the same time, my senior management team (myself included) feel like we have been through a mini MBA course.”

Ferris Brothers: $5 Million/18 Employees

“The project has given me the tools needed to monitor and control my business. Additionally, the derived savings from implementing the recommendations and adherence to the Three-year Operating Plan will result in a ROI in excess of $1,500,000.”

Wilcox Paper Company: $3.6 Million/16 Employees

“Being a ‘family’ company, I was concerned that our culture would change too drastically, and that we might become just a place to work instead of a ‘Great Place to Work’.”

“Our projected improvement to our bottom line is well over $1,000,000 for our three year goal. We now have a budget, and the plans and procedures in place to obtain our future budgets. Everyone is looking forward to our new outlook, and helping Wilcox Paper grow in every way.”


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