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Long-Term Care Benefits Now Available
March 6, 2000

Long term care is a hot topic today no further away than the front page of your daily newspaper, radio or TV talk show.

As government officials, the media, benefits specialists, our next door neighbors and the general public continue the debate on health care and who is responsible for the care of an aging population let us bring you some GOOD NEWS!

The United States Conference of Mayors is endorsing a quality long-term care program offered through the Municipal Employees Long-Term Care Administrators (MELTCA) of Rochester, N.Y. MELTCA has selected MedAmerica Insurance Company as the long- term care insurance carrier. MELTCA and MedAmerica are dedicated exclusively to providing the best long-term care coverage at a reasonable price.

In addition to coverage for traditional nursing home care, the long-term care benefits will include coverage for:

  • Assisted Living Centers

  • Adult Day Care

  • Home Care

Long-term care is fast becoming both a national concern and a vital component of financial planning. Statistics show that 1 out of 2 people age 65 and over will need some type of long-term care. Since the high costs of long-term care are not a covered by traditional health plans or by Medicare, the need for long-term care insurance is critical.

The United States Conference of Mayors long-term care insurance program provides a tool cities can offer their municipal employees to protect themselves and their families from financial loss due to the high costs of long-term care services.

The USCM program offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Group discounted rates

  • Voluntary enrollment with no minimum participation requirements

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Flexibility in benefits design

For more information on how this valuable program can be made available to your city and its municipal employees, please contact Lilla Hammond at the Conference, 1-888-828-8763.


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