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Mayor’s Comment on Brownfields Redevelopment
March 6, 2000

Redeveloping Brownfields and Protecting the Environment

“Mayors are passionate about two things…a healthy environment for our citizens, and economic development in our communities. Redeveloping brownfields can have a tremendous positive impact on both of these priorities because we are cleaning up contaminated sites, we are easing the pressure to develop on farmland, and we are creating jobs back in the neighborhoods. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Charlotte Mayor Patrick McCrory
Chair, Energy and
Environment Committee

Recycling Our Land

“As a nation, we need to stop this pattern of not using land within cities and moving development to valuable farmland and other open spaces. We must realize that all land, even brownfields, is a valuable resource that needs to be recycled and put back into productive use.”

Lincoln Mayor Don Wesely
Co-Chair, Mayors and
Agricultural Leaders Task Force

Utilizing Our Existing Infrastructure

“Cities, states, and the federal government have invested billions of dollars in our current infrastructure. It’s just plain common sense that we utilize this infrastructure to its fullest potential before building more roads, sewers, and utilities elsewhere which equate to higher taxes.”

Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello
Vice-Chair, Brownfields Task Force
Investing in Our Communities

“Even in this strong economy, thousands of brownfields have still been left by the wayside and undeveloped. We need to invest in these sites so they can contribute to the health and economy of the city and the nation.”

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson
Co-Chair, Brownfields Task Force

Creating Livable Communities

“Many people are now looking to move back into cities where they can enjoy the many amenities that a city has to offer including art, culture, and living near work. Cleaning up brownfield sites is just one way of freeing up land to be redeveloped into new housing and new facilities that create viable communities.”

Dayton Mayor Michael R. Turner
Chair, Mayors and
Bankers Task Force 

The full report is available at the Conference of Mayors website:


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