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Station Foundation Solicits Grant Applications for 2000

The Great American Station Foundation is accepting applications for its 2000 cycle of grants for rail station revitalization projects. The Foundation makes grants in the range from $5,000 to $30,000, in most cases as seed grants to jump start a community’s effort to restore its rail station as an active intermodal transportation facility and economic development engine. For this cycle, the Foundation will be making two kinds of grants: project seed grants, which are intended to give a community the capacity to begin a station revitalization project; and project capital grants, which  provide funds for station rehabilitation, station area specific planning or other capital improvement projects around a station. Capital grants require a 50 percent match.

Eligible applicants include state and local units of government, transit agencies, non-profit organizations, and community development corporations. Applicants should be able to demonstrate ownership or effective control of the station for a station revitalization project, or planning authority or status as a stake holder in the community in the case of a planning effort or station-oriented development project. Eligible stations include stations in the United States that are served by Amtrak, commuter rail or other urban rail transit. Stations not currently served by rail for which rail service is planned may also be eligible.


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