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Mayors Rally Behind The Face of America: “An inspirational event for this new year….”

For twenty-two days from Saturday, May 13, to Saturday, June 3, one of the most dynamic and creative sporting events in our nation’s history will unfold on the rail-trails and back roads that connect our communities. Called the Face of America, this World T.E.A.M. Sports’ event will include two incredible teams of individuals who will bicycle, run, and skate across our vast country. Leaving from opposite coasts (San Francisco and Boston) and connecting under the arch in St. Louis for a grand celebration, these teams will embody what our nation looks like in this new millennium…a nation of great diversity, which thrives and actually achieves great things when it draws from the collective talents of its citizens. Collectively these two teams will travel over 4,300 miles, averaging approximately 80 miles per day.

World T.E.A.M. Sports is an innovative sports charity dedicated to providing opportunities for all people, especially people with disabilities – literally bridging and building communities of the world – through sports. In their seven years of operation their high profile teams and events have climbed mountains in Africa, run marathons in Antarctica, circumnavigated the globe, bicycled across the Gobi Desert, and most recently covered the length of Vietnam with the most incredible team imaginable. Their events have been captured on film, airing nationally on CBS and NBC, and have won a variety of national awards including a recent Emmy. Now, they are focusing on moving some extraordinary teams across America to underscore a desire to connect and build communities.

The goals of this event are far reaching. Working in collaboration with Program Partner, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy ( ), the Face of America will advance the notion that our nation can, and should, become stronger and more united by working together, valuing diversity and embracing a common goal. The event will serve to promote outdoor recreation, the preservation of our natural environment and the expansion of the existing rail-trail network across the country. It will also proclaim the important notion of being a fit and healthy nation in this new millennium.

The Face of America event continues to take shape and grow in scope. The White House’s Millennium Council, chaired by the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, has officially sanctioned the event as a Project Partner of Millennium Trails, a collaborative effort between the Millennium Council, The U.S. Department of Transportation, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and national trail groups. Lance Armstrong, winner of last year’s Tour de France, cycling legend Greg LeMond, Olympians Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Dan Jansen, Congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr., Robert Matsui, and James Oberstar, and Senator Chuck Hagel join other illustrious business leaders, athletes and community servants who have agreed to serve on the advisory committee. Additionally, a multi-faceted educational outreach program is being launched which will encourage our citizens to become fit and healthy in the new millennium and become involved in lifetime sports.

Each day of the Face of America will be an “event day”, providing an opportunity for all communities along the route to join in celebrating the purposes of this project. World T.E.A.M. Sports recognizes the key role that each Mayor can play in engaging their communities in this celebration and would like to invite you to be a part of this grand event. World T.E.A.M. Sports would like to designate the Mayors along their routes as a Face of America Century Captain for the day. These “captains” are special and truly honored team members who will join other special guests to formally receive the team at arrival and/or departure ceremonies. Great interest has already been expressed from Mayor’s offices across the country including Mayor Menino of Boston, MA, Mayor Daley of Chicago, IL, Mayor Tedford of Fallon, CA, Mayor Webb of Denver, CO, Mayor Hanna of Utica, NY, Mayor Daub of Omaha, NE, Mayor Stobbs of St. Joseph, MO, and Mayor Miller of Ely, NV. Grand community celebrations and dinners are being planned. To get involved or to find out plans for your city, please contact Bradley Glen or Clif Henry at World T.E.A.M. Sports, (704) 370-6070, or by e-mail at

The Face of America is an event for everyone.…especially for Americans who live and work along the respective routes. There is certainly far more in America today that divides us than brings us together. Through their work, World T.E.A.M. Sports has demonstrated that when you bring together a diverse and integrated group, wonderful things can happen. The Face of America will be no exception. In some small way, this event will spark a process of unifying our great country.

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