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Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, former two-term California Governor and three-time Presidential candidate, is the subject of a lengthy New York Times February 11 article. The article chronicles familiar territory for a mayor of an American city: a struggle to take over local responsibility for public schools in his city of 400,000, job attraction ventures, and a leadership role in reducing crime.

Mayor Brown makes it clear in the profile that his agenda includes long-term plans for an Oakland revival.

The February 13th issue of The Washington Post featured a lengthy article on District of Columbia Mayor Anthony A. Williams. The article details mostly favorable reaction to Mayor Williams’ attempts to clean up and modernize city government. The article includes results of a newspaper poll that, in sum, contends that local residents believe the District government is “turning itself around” in many areas of municipal governance.

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has been named Chairman of The Rebuild America Coalition. He replaces former Philadelphia Mayor Edward G. Rendell. The Coalition was founded in 1987 by The American Public Works Association and is composed of a broad group of public and private organizations working on infrastructure investment and bringing infrastructure back as a priority of the national agenda. Mayor Finkbeiner was first elected Toledo mayor in 1993 and re-elected to a second term in 1997.

The February 13th Detroit News featured a lengthy article on the accomplishments of black mayors of large U.S. cities. The article features Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, first elected in 1994, and credits him as a “leader who has balanced managing the city and constant back room politicking for years, all the while avoiding open discussion of racial issues.” Also, the article notes that – of 218 cities with more than 100,000 people – 26 have black mayors.


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