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USCM Procurement Program Improves Cost and Operating Efficiency

by Rich Anderson
January 24, 2000

Since cities are responsible for large expenditures in office and electrical supplies, office equipment, paper products, furniture and new technology, it makes sense that USCM would address the concerns of our cities’ procurement, purchasing, budget and finance officials and administrators. The Cooperative Purchasing Alliance program (CPA) and its contracts for city and local government are a response to the need for greater efficiency and savings in local government procurement.

Endorsed by the premier national organization for public procurement professionals, the National Institute for Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the Alliance provides the opportunity for our nation’s cities to purchase quality goods and name-brand products at substantially reduced prices. Better pricing is leveraged through the nationwide volume of city and other local governments. Reduced pricing combined with relief provided from contract management processes frees purchasing officials’ time and strengthens your cities’ financial condition and purchasing power in the marketplace.

In short, USCM’s Cooperative Purchasing Program contracts mean savings on products and reductions in associated management costs for cities and their many departments and sub-agencies. Because it is a national program, its benefits are available to cities and municipalities all across the country.

The USCM Cooperative Purchasing Program currently offers the following product lines:

  • Office Supplies

  • Computers, Software & Peripherals, System Design & Consulting

  • Office Furniture & Office Systems

  • Electrical & Comm/Data Supplies

  • Program Benefits & Features:

  • Saves your city dollars! Reduces operating costs. The CPA has saved over $35 million for public entities since its inception through expenditures alone. Your city can also benefit!

  • Allows your city to act jointly with other cities across the country to save taxpayers’ resources through better lower pricing leveraged by national volume.

  • Flexibility. The CPA contracts are non-exclusive. Cities using the contracts always retain the option to purchase from other sources when preferred or required.

  • Meets competitive bidding requirements. The CPA contracts have already been publicly bid by local governments.

  • Saves valuable time and helps streamline the purchasing process by using contracts already in place. Allows Purchasing & Procurement Officials, Agents and City Managers more time to work on more important issues, focusing energies elsewhere.

  • Eliminates the costs associated with bid evaluations and contract management.

  • Eliminates need for inventory and storage.

  • Internet-Ordering Capabilities further streamline operations and reduce time associated with processing orders.

  • Created with your city’s interests in mind, The United States Conference of Mayors helps coordinate and monitor the quality of the program’s services.

For more information on the Cooperative Purchasing Alliance for city and local government be sure to visit our USCM US Mayor Enterprises booth at the mid-winter meeting. You can call USCM’s Cooperative Purchasing Alliance toll-free for information at any time at 1-888-828-USME or direct at 202-530-0273. E-mail:  and on the web at

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