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The Urban Water Council Welcomes Thames Water

by Rich Anderson
January 24, 2000

Thames Water has accepted an invitation by the Urban Water Council to join the Water Development Advisory Board. Thames Water, represented by David E. Chardavoyne, U.S. President, participated in the Urban Water Summit held in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where Thames Water has entered into a public-private partnership to design, build and operate a $350 million Superaquaduct Project.

Thames Water has been both a public and a private sector water provider over its 400 years of serving London. With its long history and wealth of experience it has a reputation for providing customers with world class service. Thames professional staff possesses an in-depth recognition of the structural issues faced by public sector clients, especially large cities.

Today, Thames Water is a global organization with revenues exceeding $2 billion annually, 12,500 employees, and a project portfolio of $4 billion. Thames is responsible for operating and maintaining over 150 drinking water plants, and over 30 wastewater facilities around the globe. In the U.S., over 6,000 cities have installations featuring products from Thames Water. Thames Water announced, on November 23, that it entered into an agreement to purchase E’town Corporation in New Jersey who serves 234,000 customers.

“Thames Water is clearly committed to expand its presence in the North American market in water and wastewater products, services and operations, and believes that it can continue to be a value-added partner to municipalities”, stated David Chardavoyne. The Urban Water Council welcomes Thames Water, and looks forward to benefiting from their market leadership and technical experience as they grow in the U.S. domestic market.

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