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Mayors Help Small Business Owners  Grow in 2000 with Partner America™

January 24, 2000

“...After twenty-five years in business we have a good company with long-term dedicated employees, but we needed professional guidance to better compete in today’s market. During the course of the project [with American Management], we implemented a sales management and incentive compensation plan, established job cost reporting using actual cost to track profit margins, and put in place a predetermined profit plan with profit sharing… I feel that with a strong commitment by all employees we will achieve the identified three-year return on investment of about $904,950...”

Glenn R. Conklin, President
Coastal Heating and
Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

Small businesses are the backbone of our American cities and contribute significantly to the stability and health of our nation’s economy. There are 23 million small businesses in the United States that represent 64% of the 2.5 million new jobs created each year. Helping these small business owners improve their profits and sales brings immeasurable benefits to our cities and metropolitan areas.

Last fall at the 1999 Leadership Meeting in Denver, Conference President Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb and the executive leadership challenged Conference Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran and his management team to establish a small business/city resource initiative to help Mayors interact more effectively with small business owners and federal agencies. 

As the world welcomed in the new millennium, Cochran launched the nation’s first small business/city resource partnership between the Conference and American Management Services of Waltham, MA, entitled Partner America™. Designed to provide management expertise, technical assistance, education and government procurement opportunities to small and mid-sized firms in every state and hundreds of cities across the nation, Partner America™ is the first comprehensive long-term public-private initiative focused on American small businesses.

Partner America™ combines the resources available from cities and federal government agencies with the small business expertise of American Management to offer profit-improvement management programs and services over the next decade to small and mid-sized firms in cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

According to Mayor Webb, “we created Partner America™ with American Management to equip Mayors with new initiatives designed to strengthen the local economy, bring federal resources to cities and metropolitan areas, increase the tax base, and create a vital and sustainable business community”. Through Partner America™, local Mayors, the Conference and American Management will aggressively advocate for small business development and growth, and will offer hands-on business training events on a local level.

Partner America™ will debut at the 68th Winter Meeting this week.

For more information on this program, please contact Jennifer Johnson at 202-293-7330.

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