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January 18, 2001

Conference President Unveils "Priorities for the New American City"

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Conference President and Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles unveiled "Priorities for the New American City," his action plan for before an audience of more than 300 Mayors from across the nation. The plan outlines ten key priorities for the President-elect George W. Bush's administration and Congress, calling on them to work with Mayors on shared priorities such as rail investment, drug control and brownfields development.

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Over the past year, Mayors, under the leadership of Mayor Coles, worked with both the Bush and Gore campaigns to secure their commitments to addressing the most pressing needs of America's cities. When President-elect Bush spoke at the Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting last June in Seattle, he unveiled his "Urban Agenda for the 21st Century." Both the agenda and his comments reflected many of the Mayors' priorities. Still, "Priorities for the New American City" reflects a broad range of specific recommendations, and the Mayors believe much more needs to be done to continue to encourage growth and development in cities, the economic engines of the nation.

"Despite our successes, we cannot afford to be complacent," Mayor Coles said in a statement announcing the release. "The social and economic prosperity of the nation depends, in large part, on our continued willingness to cooperate and strengthen cities. Mayors recognize the value of the federal government as a partner in this effort and will continue to seek new ways to assure that federal programs offer the flexibility to meet the needs of individual cities, without cumbersome restrictions and expensive regulatory requirements."

"Priorities for the New American City" makes recommendations in ten key areas:

  • Drug Control/Public Safety
  • Rail System Restoration
  • Smart Growth (Housing, Brownfields, Infrastructure, Transportation, Environment)
  • Smart Cities/Technology Infrastructure/Digital Divide
  • Human Dignity/Diversity
  • Youth, Education and Families in America's Cities
  • Technology in Schools
  • Workforce technology Training
  • Parks, Open Space and Arts
  • Airport Enhancements

Mayor Coles unveils action plan for President-Elect Bush.
"This is an agenda which encompasses the full scope and potential of the New American City," Mayor Coles said in his statement. "The Mayors look forward to working with President George W. Bush, all members of his Administration, corporate leaders, and faith-based, community and charitable organizations across the nation, in our combined effort to build stronger communities and to maintain the momentum of the nation's economic prosperity and growth.

The United States Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. Each city in represented by its chief elected official, The Mayor.

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