January 17-19, 2001 Capital Hilton Hotel
Washington, DC

January 19, 2001

10 Mayors Honored for Model Public/Private Partnerships

WASHINGTON, DC The Excellence in Public/Private Partnership Awards, recognizing outstanding partnerships between cities and companies were conferred today at a special session led by Providence Mayor Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. as part of The Conference's 69th Winter Meeting. Mayors and their private partners from 10 cities received awards or special recognition.

In addition to Mayor Cianci, who serves as chair of the Mayors and Business Community Task Force, Boise Mayor and Conference President H. Brent Coles participated in the awards ceremony.

In announcing these Awards, Conference Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran remarked, "All of these partnerships share in common a synergy that brought positive changes in the ways city services are delivered. In recent years, in city after city, we have seen how partnerships have resulted in new and creative approaches to solving some of the most intractable problems faced by cities. These Public/Private Partnership award winners can inspire other cities and companies to work together to improve the quality of life for all city residents."

Following the awards presentation, The Conference also released its "Public/Private Partnership Awards Best Practices Guide" (available on the web at usmayors.org). This report describes the winning partnerships in two award categories: the Award of Excellence and the Outstanding Achievement Award. The guide will provide a blueprint for other cities to emulate the winners.

The award winners are as follows.






Heard Linebarger

Privatization of Delinquent Tax Collections

St. Paul


Capital City Revitalization Project





Long Beach

Earth Tech

Long Beach Manufacturing Empowerment Zone Program


Elizabethtown Water/Thames Water

Edison Water Company


Fannie Mae

Miami-Dade County & Fannie Mae House South Florida


Freddie Mac

Don't Borrow Trouble


National Association of Home Builders

Chesapeake Affordable Homeownership Partnership

San Francisco

PRWT Services, Inc. and
Lockheed Martin, IMS

Parking & Red Light Photo Enforcement Programs


Public Consulting Group, Inc.

Health Services Management Program


United Water

MBE Outreach Partnership

An independent panel of judges was appointed by the Conference of Mayors to review the submissions. The judges are former Newport News Mayor Jessie M. Rattley, Ruth C. Kistler, Vice President of Corporate Communications of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Judith Burrell, Senior Vice President of Communications at the Newspaper Association of America. Criteria upon which their selections were made included: improvement in delivery of services, replicability, sustainability, cost savings, creativity of approach, benefits to both public and private partners, economic and business benefits, and measurable results.

The U. S. Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are about 1,100 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the Mayor.

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