June 22-26, 2001
Marriott Renaissance


Dear Mayor:

"Meet the Mayors" Video Catalog
Detroit (2001)

Washington, DC (2001)
Seattle (2000)
We are pleased to announce that the United States Conference of Mayors and USFilter will again provide you the opportunity to tape a new message for our web site during the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors in Detroit, MI, June 22-26, 2001.

One of the most popular pages of the Conference's award-winning web site, usmayors.org, is our "Meet the Mayors" program, sponsored by USFilter. On the page over 200 video clips of mayors promoting their cities are available for online viewing for the thousands of users of usmayors.org. This year's theme will be "What makes your city competitive?" To have your video posted on usmayors.org, please come prepared to videotape a one-minute segment about the competitive assets of your city. Assets can include such areas as transportation, universities, cultural and recreational amenities, livable communities, business leadership etc.

We will be taping throughout the Annual Conference on the days of June 22nd (Friday), June 23rd (Saturday), June 24th (Sunday) and June 25th (Monday). Please don't miss this opportunity to give your city important exposure to the users of the usmayors.org.

You may arrange for your taping, which will only take 5-10 minutes, by going to the usmayors.org booth located in the main lobby of the hotel. A representative of the Conference and USFilter will then escort you to the taping room or schedule an appropriate time for your taping.

If you have any questions, please call James Welfley at 202-861-6796.

On behalf of the "Meet the Mayors" program and its sponsor USFilter, we are pleased to provide you this opportunity to promote your city during the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors in Detroit and throughout the coming year.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit.


J. Thomas Cochran
Executive Director