June 22-26, 2001
Marriott Renaissance

Adopted Resolutions

2001-02 Leadership Elected
New Orleans Mayor Marc H. Morial
Vice President:
Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino
Advisory Board Chair:
Hempstead Mayor James Garner
Dearborn Mayor Michael A. Guido
Rochester Mayor William A. Johnson, Jr.
Long Beach Mayor Beverly O'Neill

Advisory Board:
Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth B. Kautz
Wichita Mayor Bob Knight
Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson
Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell
Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street
San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young
Augusta Mayor Bob Young

Duane Meek

Nationwide Retirement Solutions President Duane Meek updates the mayors on the USCM partnership with Nationwide.


Bush Addresses Conference; Mayors Support and Acknowledge Importance of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives; 2001-02 Leadership Elected

President Bush greets Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer as Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins looks on.

Video: President Bush says mayors deserve much of the credit for the revitaization of the cities.
Video: President Bush says government must be returned to "people with a powerful sense of mission".
Transcript: Read the full text of President Bush's address.
Proclamation: Download the faith-based and community initiatives proclamation.
Mayors John F. Street of Philadelphia and Anthony A. Williams of the District of Columbia address the Conference membership body during the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors Meeting in Detroit. Both mayors serve as Co-Chairs of a special Conference Task Force on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The task force was created to examine the roles of local governments in faith-based efforts, identify and highlight some best practices across the nation, forward policy suggestions to Congress and the White House, and create a cadre of mayors that will serve as national spokespersons on this key issue.

Mayors Marc H. Morial of New Orleans, M. Susan Savage of Tulsa, and Dennis W. Archer of Detroit also participated in this important discussion. Moreover, Conference President and Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles and Past President Victor Ashe, Mayor of Knoxville led and kick-off the discussion on this key issue.

Video: Mayor Morial reports that mayors "have been doing the faith-based thing for some time".

Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street

Tulsa Mayor M. Susan Savage

Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams